Frequently Asked Questions 1:1 inquiry

How do I install it?

01Execute the'DHSetup.exe' installation file

02Run the app after installation is complete

03‘Open Deep Hearing’ after logging in

04Automatic driver installation when running for the first time

How do I set the input device?

01Select the microphone to use.

02Select the microphone as ‘Deep Hearing Noise Reduction’ in the video conferencing app.

03On the first run, make sure that both ‘Output device’ and ‘Input device’ are set to the original device in the window sound settings. (Select both input and output as a deep hearing device X)

I can't look up the device in the microphone list.

There may be a compatibility problem with the microphone you want to use.
'Sound' →'Recording' →'Properties' →'Advanced' →'Basic type' check
At this time, the sample rate is '48000 Hz It is compatible with'.
Compatibility with other devices will be updated later.

There is sound interruption, why is that?

First of all, please check whether the program installation and input device settings have been properly performed.
If the same phenomenon continues after normal installation and rebooting the computer,
it may be a specification problem of the desktop/laptop.
Our deep hearing noise removal app can run smoothly in a computer environment that exceeds the following recommended specifications.
System Specifications Recommended Specifications
Operating system WINDOWS 10 Genuine
CPU Intel-i3 or equivalent processor
RAM 2 Gb or more

If other problems persist, please contact us through 1:1 customer inquiry.

Can't use it on a mobile phone?

The currently released noise reduction app is for Windows desktop/laptop only,
cannot be used on mobile devices such as mobile phones/tablet PCs.
We plan to develop it as soon as possible. Thank you.