Provides a library that can eliminate noise and howling

Provides an on-device library to eliminate noise and howling from Android phones, PTTs, video conferencing services, messenger services, and media platforms.

Browser(Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Naver Whale)


Android 6.0 or higher


Enjoy conversations on a noise-free platform

Apply the Deep Hearing SDK to free users from worrying about noise

We support the simple installation through the development guide

Easy SDK application

Apply noise cancellation, which is easily processed with only 10 lines of code

Development guide support

We provide a Deep Hearing development guide for support

Noise Reduction

Real-time noise reduction

The noise cancellation SDK from Deep Hearing is an on-device library that enables real-time noise cancellation within the device. It also supports noise cancellation in various environments to be free from noise anywhere with a single application.
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Howling Elimination

Real-time howling elimination

Deep Hearing's noise cancellation SDK perfectly captures and eliminates howling, where speaker sounds enter the microphone and cause ringing. Now, increase your conversation satisfaction through clear communication even when other people are in the same space.
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Compatibility with various devices

Improve customer experience by applying the Deep Hearing SDK, which can be applied to desktop, mobile, and web platforms such as iOS and Android, regardless of OS, with just a few lines of code.
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Worry-free security

Eliminate additional server installation and security concerns by processing audio on-device without passing through separate servers. The Deep Hearing noise cancellation SDK does not share your audio data.
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